Friday, July 15, 2011

A study in green

The color green can look remarkably vibrant in rainy conditons. Today's report comes from that chromacentric point of view.
Photo by Len Blumin
What: A Green Heron. With the rain and poor lighting, I couldn't get a good shot, so I borrowed this stunning image from a fellow Flickr photographer. I observed it for few minutes, during which it ceaselessly preened itself. This sighting isn't ephemeral or critical to phenology, but it was fun to see in an urban park.
Where: Perched about 15' high in a pine tree, on the eastern edge of the Garden, a lot of traffic noise coming from Hennepin Avenue.
Observer: Abbie
Date/Time: July 15, 10:35 am
Conditions: On-and-off rain, humid, low-hanging clouds obscuring the city skyline.
What: A Japanese beetle, about 3/8" in length. Kinda' pretty but totally pesky! This observation is a good phenological marker, as you can see from this diagram of the Japanese beetle's life cycle.
Where: Water's edge at Spoonbridge and Cherry.
Observer: Abbie
Date/Time: July 15, 10:20 am
Conditions: Wet but not raining

What: Green grass and a troop of mushrooms. Or are these gregarious? Mushrooms in a close group (but not so close as to be a cluster) are said to be a troop. If the group is more scattered and irregular, they are said to be gregarious. Eager for more vocabulary for fungi growth habits? Check it out:
Where: Open Field, north edge along Vineland Place
Observer: Abbie
Date/Time: July 15, 10: 45 am
Conditions: Good for growing
General observation for today: Birds were abundant. Those on the ground busied themselves by foraging (gorging?), and those perched were entirely preoccupied with preening. My complete bird list for the day: Northern Cardinal, White-breasted Nuthatch, Rock Pigeon, American Robin, Green Heron, House Finch, Red-winged Blackbird, Mourning Dove, Common Grackle


  1. The shot of the heron is beautiful, good work.

  2. Credit goes to Len Blumin. Thanks to Len for his generosity in using a Creative Commons license.