Whose project is this?

Open Phenology is led by Abbie Anderson, a Walker staff member, artist, and amateur naturalist.

Contact Abbie: abigail [dot] anderson [at] walkerart [dot] org

A Message from Abbie

I dreamed this all up during Walker Open Field's inaugural year (2010) then let it lie dormant over winter. In May 2011, inspired by the Field Office initiative, collegial support, and spring itself, I launched the Open Phenology experiment, my way of including ecology and citizen science in the Walker's conversations on the commons. In this project, I am occasionally an educator, often a facilitator, and always a learner.
Constant Vigilance!

Kudos and Credit

Open Phenology is a collaborative project and owes its successes to many individuals, some of whom are listed below:
To all those who showed up for Open Phenology's weekly walks in 2011, directly contributing to the experience by bringing their own curiosity and expertise: Alex, Brian, David, Emily, Hans, Jim, Kristen, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Nathalie, Nicole, Rachel, Renner, Sarina, Scott, Susy

To my courageous substitute phenologists, who served as stewards to the Open Phenology project in my absence: Adriana and Laura (June 10, 2011); Lindsay (June 17, 2011); Jia-Li (July 22, 2011); and Emma (August 5, 2011)

To my office mates in Education and Community Programs who bolstered my efforts with enthusiasm: Adriana, Ashley, Christina, Courtney, Frannie, Ilene, Rachel, Scott A., Scott S., Susy

To my Field Office colleagues, allies, and advocates: Shanai Matteson and Colin Kloecker of Works Progress, Olive Bieringa and John Schade of EcoSomatics Classroom, and Carl and Betsy DiSalvo

To Sarah Schultz for empowering those around her to experiment and trailblaze paths of lifelong learning.

To my parents for imprinting upon me a reverence for nature.