Monday, July 18, 2011

Grackle Vernacular

Above: YouTube media by laynie0705

What: Since it is World Listening Day I make extra efforts to notice the sonic qualities of Garden ongoings. I hear young Common Grackles vocalizing. Watching them, I see they are begging food from their parents. It looked like what you see above, but with lots more needy pleading.
Where: West edge of the Sculpture Garden, by FlatPak House
Observer: Abbie
Date/Time: July 18, 8:10 am
Conditions: Warm, sunny

What: I hear a sudden squawk and it focuses my attention to a clash in a low tree branch. A few Cedar Waxwings get the message that they're not wanted here and fly away. I may have missed them entirely had it not been for the noisy complaint of the Common Grackle.
Where: West edge of the Sculpture Garden, by FlatPak House
Observer: Abbie
Date/Time: July 18, 8:15 am
Conditions: Warm, sunny

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