Friday, May 24, 2013

Overdue Report

Things are happening so fast I scarcely have time for "constant vigilance," not to mention time for posting reports! But the good news is that Open Phenology has a new collaborator. Walker gallery assistant Matt set out on a garden expedition today and reported back his discovery to me. This past week is represented by the smattering of news below:

What: Toads heard trilling!
Where: The pond near Spoonbridge and Cherry
When: Monday, May 20 at 8:30 am
Observer: Abbie
Conditions: Just for reference, last year's trilling phenomena started in late April and seemed to conclude by May 17. And last year by May 21, there were tadpoles.

What: Strings of toads eggs
Where: The pond near Spoonbridge and Cherry
When: Tuesday, May 21 at 1 pm
Observers: Christina and Abbie
Conditions: Clumps of eggs were not floating at the surface, like I had seen them last year. They were submerged and I almost missed seeing them.

What: Robins on nests
Where: Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
When: Tuesday, May 21 at 1 pm
Observer: Christina and Abbie
Conditions: One of these occupied nests is in Spotty's territory.

What: Mystery aquatic organism --- about 1.5 inch long, gray, and flat. It is seen undulating and constantly in a waving S-shape.
Where: The pond at Spoonbridge, near the drains on the west edge.
When: Friday, May 24, ~12 pm
Observer: Matt
Conditions: Could this be a leach? At first I thought nematode but maybe not if it's flat. Matt and I will continue the investigation and post photo documentation if possible.


  1. Hey, thank you for the welcome! Very glad to be on board!

  2. Thanks for the call-out! Jake