Thursday, April 4, 2013

Four Firsts

I find my home turf drastically transformed today, my first day back after 6 days in California.

What: Common Grackles, about 15, the first I've seen this year. Naturally, I heard their coarse squawks before spotting them in the arbor vitae and linden trees.
Where: Minneapolis Sculpture Garden's grande allée
When: 5:15 pm

What: Red-winged Blackbirds, about 10 (all males), another first for 2013. Like the grackles, the blackbirds are heard before seeen.
Where: Loring Park and Spring Lake
When: 5:25 & 7 pm, respectively

What: Song Sparrow singing, first I've heard this year
Where: Theodore Wirth Park
When: 7:45 pm on Thursday, April 4

What: A bat in flight! I confess, I don't know species of Minnesota bats. I'm estimating this individual was about as big as a House Finch or maybe a little bigger.
Where: Theodore Wirth Park
When: 8:01 pm on Thursday, April 4

Observer: Abbie
Conditions: Perhaps if I had not been away, these reports of "firsts" would have come earlier.

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  1. The bats most commonly seen in the city, the little ones, are Little Brown Pipistrelles, I think?