Friday, April 20, 2012

Meanwhile, in the Garden

I've recently seen a few things in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden that are worth noting.
What: American Robin with partial leucism
Where: by the grove where the Pierre Huyghe chimes are installed
When: Wednesday and Thursday, April 18 and 19, both times seen in the morning
Observer: Abbie and Lindsay
Photo by Steve Burt, Flickr
What: Red Admiral Butterflies
Where: the Arlene Grossman Memorial Arobr
When: Wednesday, April 18, about 9: 20 am
Observer: Abbie and Lindsay

Photo by David Maher, Flickr
What: Chipping Sparrow
Where: atop a pine tree, near the Arbor at the north edge of the Garden
When: Friday, April 20, about 8:20 am
Observer: Abbie

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