Thursday, June 9, 2011

Further Opening Phenology

The "Open" in Open Phenology has multiple meanings.
  • Making the science of phenology accessible to more people
  • Welcoming all levels of expertise and involvement
  • Valuing transparency, collaboration, and spontaneity
  • Expanding the scope of phenology—observations are not limited to 'biological phenomena,' but encompass the social, cultural, and technological aspects of our environment
  • Acknowledging a blend of objective and subjective approaches
I'm pleased to open up the project to include two guest facilitators/leaders: Adriana and Lindsay.

June 10, 10 am: Open Phenology led by Adriana
Join guest facilitator Adriana for the weekly experiment that is Open Phenology. As usual, the exploration and the conversation start at FlatPak House in the Garden.

June 17, 10 am: Open Phenology led by Lindsay
Join Lindsay, volunteer explorer and nature enthusiast, for this installment of Open Phenology. Meet at FlatPak House in the Garden to see for yourself what's going on around the Walker.

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