Friday, May 27, 2011

Cool, windy, with a chance of Dreams

"In an object you can tell where the boundaries are, but in the weather it’s impossible to say when something begins or ends."—John Cage, 1981

May 27 conditions, (Weather station at Marriott City Center, Minneapolis)

What: Pierre Huyghe's Wind Chime (after "Dream") transforms the sound environment. Sample its enchanting effect using the player below.
Where: A stand of trees, just north of Spoonbridge and Cherry
Observers: Martha, Renner, Abbie
Date/Time: Installed in mid-May, this work remains on view over the summer months.
Conditions: Cool, windy, and overcast

Above: YouTube media by mostlymark (Recorded August 2009)

The 'dream' in Huyghe's work refers to John Cage's 1948 composition. Use the player below to listen to "Dream" performed by Stephen Drury.

Above: YouTube media by NewMusicXX

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